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Finance Department

The Finance Department deals with the short and long term financing of the City Council's operations, both of a revenue and capital nature. This involves the monitoring and control of income and expenditure in all areas. The Department also ensures that the Sandusky City Council complies with the statutory and financial accounting principals which apply to all money paid to or by the City Council.

The following reports are available to view or print:  

   2015 Reports
     2014-2015 Audit
     2014-2015 Budget

2015 Revenue Expenditure Reports
     January                   July
     February                 August
     March                     September
     April                       October
     May                        November
     June                       December

   2014 Reports
       2014-2015 Budget 
       2013-2014 Audit

  2014 Revenue Expenditure Reports
     January                            July
     February                          August
     March                              September
     April                                 October
     May                                  November
     June                                 December
   2013 Reports
      2013-2014 Budget  
      2012-2013 Audit

  2013 Revenue Expenditure Reports
January               July
     February             August
     March                 September
     April                   October
     May                    November
     June                   December

2012 Reports
       2011-2012 Audit
       2012-2013 Budget 
       Sandusky Dashboard        
       Sandusky Citizens Guide

   2012 Revenue Expenditure Reports

     January                        July
     February                   August
     March                  September
     April                         October
     May                     November
     June                    December






       2011 Reports


Account Clerk
Mandy Fullmer
26 W. Speaker St.
Sandusky MI 48471
810-648-4444 (FAX) 810-648-3959
Hours: M-F, 8:00am - 4:30pm