Sandusky, MI

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Waste Water Treatment Plant

The City of Sandusky Waste Water Treatment Plant has a design flow of 0.95MGD with a peak flow of 4.0MGD.  The plant is composed of 4 Walker primary clarifiers, 3 US Filter RBC trains of 5 cells each, 2 Walker final clarifiers, 2 Aqua-Aerobic Filters, and 2 Banks of Trojan UV Disinfection.  The treated sludge is applied to local farmer's fields under the State of Michigan Department of Enviromental Quality's  BioSolids Program.  The last plant expansion was completed in 2006 and provided additional capacity to allow for future growth and to continue plant compliance.

Sewer Use and Sewer Operation/Maintenance Fund Ordiance

Waste Water Treatment Plant

WWTP Employees:
  • Ken Green
  • Erick Burns